Sucess Stories

“Lauren has been a tremendous help to me for years. She has supported me reaching my goals in every aspect of my life, including academically and emotionally. With Lauren being so hands-on she is able to help me articulate my ideas into words. Lauren helped me write a fantastic college essay that got me into my dream college! In fact, Lauren supported me through the whole college application processes! Lauren has been such a great influence in my life — I am extremely grateful for all of her help.”

- Alexis S.

“The moment we met Lauren, we knew it was a perfect fit. Lauren said to me, “My goal is to work my way out of this job”. My daughter didn’t even realize how Lauren has changed her self confidence. [My daughter] wants to be able to work on her own and Lauren is giving her the guidance, ability, tools and self confidence to do that. For all of her years teaching, she is a great value. Her knowledge of the school system and implementation of all things scholastic has been priceless. Her integrity is bar none, and she is trustworthy, consistent and very reliable.”

-Lisa S.

“If it wasn’t for Ms. Moss I don’t know that my son would have survived his first two years of Middle School. My son has some subtle learning disabilities and suffers greatly from anxiety. He spent a great deal of time with Ms. Moss. I will forever be grateful for all of the help she provided and her counseling services to both me and him.”

- Richelle D.

“Lauren is a ray of sunshine and provides an encouraging, warm energy to assist in discovering the best version of you. She is your biggest cheerleader and has your best interest at heart. Her encouragement, dedication and kindness shine through in every single session and I am forever grateful that I chose her as my counselor. I used to think that fixing everyone else was my priority, when indeed, it was getting my anxiety under control. I have made valuable progress in my short amount of time with her and all of our hard work together has allowed me to slowly decrease the use of medication which I am very thankful for. I highly recommend Lauren! She is the best! “

- CB