Emotional Self Care with Essential Oils

Our sense of smell is extremely powerful because it is connected to our limbic brain; the most primal of our ‘grey matter.’ Different from our other bodily senses, scents we inhale are processed through our limbic brain before stimulating cognition. Essential oil molecules are exceptionally qualified to stimulate the limbic system of the brain or the “emotional brain.” Essential oils that are pure and natural are extracted from different parts of plants and distilled or pressed to extract the most therapeutic portion of the natural material harvested. The concentrated oil that results from processing them into essential oils makes them easy to inhale and allows you to exploit the olfactory power of plants for healing.

People use the power of essential oils to remove toxins, oxygenating cells, and the open emotionally stored memory. We call this process ‘aromatherapy’. While aromatherapy is not a miracle cure for grave emotional issues, humans have relied on essential oils for emotional support for decades and many research studies validate their use for emotional support. Careful and proper use of essential oils can provide a wonderful support to emotional well being.

There are countless different ways to use essential oils to open your senses and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. For most people, essential oils provide a safe, natural way to support emotional wellness, but of course always use caution and consult with your health care provider regarding any concerns. Also, be sure to always use pure, therapeutic grade oils to avoid oils that have toxic additives or oils that have been degraded. These are not safe to consume.

Lavender essential oil in the amber bottle, with fresh lavender flower heads.

To start using essential oils for emotional support, you may enjoy adding a few drops of essential oils into your bath water just before stepping in. You can also add a few drops (4-7 drops) to a bowl of steaming water, cover your head with the towel and breathe deeply for no more than 8-10 minutes. Another therapeutic way to enjoy the emotional benefits of essential oils is to massage a few drops of the oil with a carrier oil (I recommend coconut, jojoba or sweet almond oil).
There are many more ways to use essential oils. I’d love for you to explore more about essential oils or purchase pure, therapeutic grade oils through my doTERRA website. Feel free to reach out to me under the ‘contact me’ section if you have additional questions.