Energetic Healing

My Philosophy

From a very young age I found myself fascinated with concepts related to the nature of the Universe and our human experience therein. As I grew and developed I traded some of this curiosity for intellect, delving into studies of education and human psychology; the more forward-facing result of our spiritual existence.

After completing graduate school I once again found myself yearning for more than just ‘book knowledge’. I had a vague recollection of a peace and self-acceptance from childhood that felt buried under a mountain of intellect. My soul was again calling me to explore the inner workings of myself. After years of silencing this call, I began to listen. This self exploration led me to an intense path of spiritual healing and personal growth.

After receiving many energetic healing sessions from individuals trained in modalities through the ancient lineage of King Solomon, I experienced wonderful results that helped me release old, negative patterns in exchange for increased peace and fulfillment. Having received such great healing for myself, I felt the need to serve others with the same means that supported me through my transformation. Although my growth and healing continues to evolve, I now have the privilege in supporting others through their own journeys, too. To explore the healing modalities I currently offer and when they are available, please visit the service descriptions 

Crystal Healing

This healing modality can be used to heal old and new wounds, clean up detrimental emotional, physical, or mental patterns, or simply empower you. Crystal healing helps to bring in more good fortunes and a general state of well being.

Aura Healing

Many of us go through our day-day without paying much attention to the energetic structure that surrounds and supports us. However, our auras can become damaged from many mundane disruptions (i.e., stress, unhealthy living, negative energy from external sources, etc.). This session balances and cleanses the aura, repairing holes within the auric field. This session takes approximately 45 minutes. Clients report a sense of relaxation, heightened energy, and general well being from the Aura Healing protocol. This ancient practice has been handed down through the lineage of King Solomon through the Modern Mystery School.

Life Activation

The Life Activation is a healing modality passed down from ancient times. Approximately 3,000 years ago King Solomon sent for a sample of healers from far and wide with the intention of creating a healing practice that would help support human progression. Many people who receive this healing indicate that they receive a greater connection to source, have more clarity in their life, feel a greater sense of purpose, and many other positive outcomes. I have had the joy of receiving this sacred series of energetic healing practices myself and have been trained as a Life Activation practitioner through the Modern Mystery School. I enjoy using this powerful, ancient tool to support others as they seek their own greatness and purpose.

Individual Guided Meditation

Max Meditation™ is offered in small group sessions. This semi-guided method of meditation was created by Gudni Gudnason after decades of study with yogic masters in Tibet and India, with the Golden Dawn mystery School in England, and after completing advanced training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a trademarked system which merges the best of Eastern and Western knowledge of meditation techniques. The class is given in a relaxing setting and includes a more in-depth description of the system as well as an integration conversation with the group following the meditation. The meditation group lasts about an hour. The progression includes: 1) Guided Mind-Body Relaxation 2) Guided Passive Meditation and Thought Release 3) Active Meditation using a Koto Dama 4) Guided Meditation created by a Max Meditation™ Facilitator 5) Supported Return to the Physical and Present Moment.